The following sponsors are gratefully acknowledged for their support of our research:

AFOSR ABC Stochastic Multiresolution Theory for Microstructure Based Predictive Materials Science: Application to Multiphase Polymer Systems

DOE Granular Constraints and Size Effects in Polycrystalline Shape Memory Alloys

Ford-Boeing Carbon Nano-reinforced Thermoset Polymers, Principal Investigator with J. Torkelson

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Non-Linear Viscoelastic Modeling of Rubber Compounds

Goodrich BRITE award, Processing, Modeling and Characterization of Nanoreinforced Polymer Composites, co-PI with I. Daniel and R. Ruoff

NASA-Langley URETI, Bioinspired Design and Processing of Multifunctional Nanocomposites, Co-Principal Investigator with I. Aksay et al

NASA Self-Repairing Fatigue Damage in Metallic Structures for Aerospace Vehicles Using Liquid-Assisted Shape Memory Alloy Self-Healing (SMASH) Technology

NIH Biomimetic Interfacial Control in Polymer Nanocomposites, co-PI with P. Messersmith

NIST Advanced Materials Center for Excellence: Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (ChiMaD)

NSF Direct Measurement of the Role of Confinement and Chemistry on Local Physical and Mechanical Properties of Polymers

NSF Mechanically- and Biologically-Active Nickel-Titanium Foam as Biomimetic Material for Skeletal Repair , co-PI with S. Stupp and D. Dunand

NSF CDMR NanoMine: Data Driven Discovery for Nanocomposites, co-PI with Linda Schadler (RPI) and Wei Chen

NSF DEMS Engineering Polymer Nanodielectric Systems using a Descriptor-based Design Methodology, co-PI with Linda Schadler (RPI) and Wei Chen

NSF MSREC Interdisciplinary Research Group, Novel Processing Routes to Nanostructured Polymer Blends and Composites, co-PI with K. Shull et al

NSF NIRT Interphase Design for Extraordinary Nanocomposites, Principal Investigator with L. Schadler and I. Beyerlein

ONR Multiscale Modeling of Thermoplastic Elastomers for Enhanced Blast Properties through Microstructural Design