Richard Sheridan

Research Scientist

Richard Sheridan is a Research Scientist in the Brinson Advanced Materials Laboratory at the Duke University Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. Richard received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder for studying the rheology and applications of thermoreversible polymer networks while funded by a GAANN fellowship. He then accepted a postdoctoral position at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where he received an NRC Postdoctoral Associateship to research the physics and metrology of polymer films and interfaces. Subsequently, he was funded by Owens Corning and then a NIST-CHiMaD fellowship to measure the interphase of glass fiber epoxy composites and the effect of that interphase on strength and fatigue of fiberglass materials. His current research interests include optimal experimental design, uncertainty quantification, and AI-augmented laboratory techniques, especially in the context of AFM nanomechanics.

Recent Publications

(1) Sheridan, R. J.; Collinson, D. W.; Brinson, L. C. Vanishing Cantilever Calibration Error with Magic Ratio Atomic Force Microscopy. Adv. Theory Simulations 2020, 3 (8), 2000090.
(2) Collinson, D. W.; Sheridan, R. J.; Palmeri, M. J.; Brinson, L. C. Best Practices and Recommendations for Accurate Nanomechanical Characterization of Heterogeneous Polymer Systems with Atomic Force Microscopy. Prog. Polym. Sci. 2021, 101420.

Contact Information

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