MetaMine: a FAIR Data & Interpretable AI Framework for Architectured Metamaterials

Metamaterials are structured composite materials that derive their physical properties from the geometrical shapes in their unit cells, which tessellate to form the full material. Metamaterials are particularly promising for applications in dynamics, where the control of elastic energy propagation, dispersion, and attenuation are essential. The ability to control sound and vibrations in metamaterials arises from their ability to support the formation of forbidden frequency bands of propagation (referred to as band gaps) in their dispersion relation, where waves cannot propagate. Such unique properties have prompted engineers to explore their use in different applications like energy harvesting, seismic protection, frequency filtering, and wave guiding.
We use the materials domain of mechanical metamaterials as an exemplar to both create robust FAIR datasets and to create a novel AI Framework for discovery that addresses the scientific challenges and is readily extensible to other materials and other scientific domains.

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Mary Bastawrous

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