Materials Genome Prediction (MaterialsMine)


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The Material Genome Initiative launched in 2011 created a new era for top-down material design and discovery that aims at faster material deployment from research to commercialization. Using polymer nanocomposites as an exemplary case, this project focuses on developing the infrastructure and methodology in representation, evaluation, and prediction of optimal polymer nanocomposite material properties. This synergy combines material structure characterization, processing-structure correlation, physics-based finite element modeling, and a living data resource for polymer nanocomposite material data. Our research targets at the quantitative statistical correlation among the p-s-p domains and examines the underlying principles behind the influences such as interphase and surface chemistry. Click on the links below to learn more.

NanoMine: an Online Platform of Material Genome Prediction for Polymer Nanocomposites

Predicting Polymer Nanocomposite Properties

ChemProps: a consistent polymer name translation tool for polymer name standardization



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MetaMine shape frequency

We are now tackling the engineering and computer infrastructure challenges to transform the NanoMine platform into a generally extensible Materials Knowledge Graph (MKG) Data Framework, which will demonstrate the extensibility via creation of a parallel and integratable and separable data framework, MetaMine, for structural metamaterials. Click on the links below to learn more.

MetaMine: a FAIR Data & Interpretable AI Framework for Architectured Metamaterials