Interdisciplinary Graduate Training

Program Evaluation and Educational Research

The aiM Program is designed to encourage the development and implementation of bold, new potentially transformative models for STEM graduate education training. Students develop expertise in AI and materials science through a new curriculum bridging disciplines, linked with convergent research, professional skills, and external internships. Of the 50 trainees expected, 28 doctoral students across 3 cohorts have joined to date from degree programs in computer science, data science, statistical science, and all materials disciplines including materials science, physics, chemistry, and all engineering fields. The program is committed to broadening participation of women and underrepresented minorities by recruiting a diverse group of undergraduates and promoting retention through culturally aligned mentoring and an inclusive climate.

aiM Trainees develop professional and interdisciplinary research skills. The educational and evaluation effort focuses on investigating student experiences:

1. Students take on leadership roles within various committees in the aiM Student Leadership Council

aiM student leadership council activities


2. Students practice research dissemination at regional conferences

Pictures from 2022 NRT Annual Meeting


3. Students engage in team-science

Team science experiences